Voice Lessons

Rebeqa is the GREATEST!! She is awesome to work with. I highly recommend working with her."”

— Mike McCready, Pearl Jam

It was such a relief to meet someone who cared about my vocal health, my goals, and my artistic development. Rebeqa makes it her business to know exactly what YOU want and pushes you gently but firmly to get you there. She will teach you to get out of your own way.”

Archie, touring/recording artist


Solo and Group Lessons

For solo singers or bands preparing for touring or recording.

Session Packages
5 Sessions: $300 ($60 session)*   
8 Sessions: $440 ($55 session)*   
10 Sessions: $500 ($50 session)*

Single Sessions 
One Hour: $75.00    
Half Hour: $60.00


For classes, a minimum of five weeks is required to complete a tailored syllabus for vocal technique, songwriting, or a combination of both.

Two Students
5 Weeks: $200 p/p ($40 session)* 
8 Weeks: $240 p/p ($30 session)*

Three Students 
5 Weeks: $190 p/p ($38 session)* 
8 Weeks: $224 p/p ($28 session)*

Four Students  
5 Weeks: $180 p/p ($36 session)*  
8 Weeks: $208 p/p ($26 session)*  

Five Students  
5 Weeks: $170 p/p ($34 session)*  
8 Weeks: $192 p/p ($24 session)*

Want lessons? Let's talk.

* Unless otherwise noted, sessions for solo and group packages are one hour in length, are non-refundable, and all packages expire within three months of purchase unless previously agreed upon with instructor. Failure to show up for a lesson without providing appropriate notice is considered forfeiture and the lesson cost will be deducted from the package. For Group Session Packages, prices are per student, students are responsible for assembling members for their group, and larger groups take priority for available session times.