“Your training session was the best we've had in several years.”

Operations Director, HAP Alaska

Empower Employees  |  Inspire Leaders  Strengthen Teams

Rebeqa leads a variety of action-packed workshops rooted in reflection, application, team building and laughter:

The Art of Listening: 

Did you know that there are several types of listening and what can happen when you apply the wrong one to a situation? (Spoiler alert!: it usually ends badly!)  Learn the different types of listening, how to select the right one for a situation, and practice switching between them. 

Critical Conversations: 

Managers! Do some conversations with employees make you nervous? Unsure of how to help struggling employees improve? I can help! In this fast-paced workshop, people managers will learn how to have 3 critical types of conversations: expectation setting, giving feedback, and coaching. Using workplace simulations, managers will practice all three styles (and how to blend them---oooo, fancy!) 

Leading a Culture of Innovation: 

Leaders! Want to cultivate an environment full of good ideas? In this workshop you'll learn the difference between creativity and innovation, and how to set a culture where both can thrive.


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