About Rebeqa

Driven by nerdy curiosity about how adults learn, Rebeqa's work as a learning strategist and researcher sits on the front edge of neuroscience, social science, and diversity and equity practices. Her Learning Experience Design (Portfolio of Work) shifts culture through critical self-reflection, growth mindset, and interrupting assumptions about how things must be done. Rebeqa presents (calendar) and publishes (read it here, here or here) learning thought leadership around the world.

 With a background in music, Rebeqa began her learning experience design career facilitating professional development for touring/recording artists ( "an inspiring and excellent teacher"--Mike McCready, Pearl Jam), while building training programs for small business, nonprofits, and an international business consulting firm. In 2017, she came aboard at Holland America Line as head of learning design and delivery. Rebeqa currently serves as Chief Learning Officer for South of Seoul, a technology-based, community-driven tech startup in South Korea. 

The daughter of a bush pilot and a registered nurse, Rebeqa was born and raised in Talkeetna, Alaska and still can’t help but miss the smell of high bush cranberries in the Fall. As a girl she wanted to be a chemist, but the disappointing discovery that chemists don’t simply blow up science labs like in the movies changed all that. 

Today, she sees how learning design continues to exclude and sideline many diverse learners. Her vision is to be part of changing this.

(She also teaches wicked good development workshops...)